Distiller's Art Blair Athol 21-year Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky

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A cavalcade of flavors erupt from the glass led by deep tones of dried fruits, malt, caramel, accented with hints of citrus and honey. It's full-bodied without overpowering your palate, and very well balanced. You'll find notes of dried figs and vanilla complementing the malty richness that soars across the palate all leading to a splendid finish.

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Glasgow, 1948. Fredrick Douglas Laing, a young entrepreneur fresh from service in the Royal Air Force during World War II, worked with an American friend to create Douglas Laing & Co. He made handshake deals with dozens of distilleries for new-make spirit off the still that he could age and blend to his specifications. Over the years, the Laing family stockpiled thousands of barrels from distilleries all over Scotland. In 1965 Stewart Laing apprenticed at the famed Bruichladdich Distillery, and was a popular figure among the rank and file. In those days there was a practice known as “dramming,” where at 7am and 4pm workers were given a dram of whisky. He felt that was a little much for his apprenticeship and gave away his daily drams during his tenure. [Fun fact: Bruichladdich was owned by his aunt and uncle who were childless and once offered the Laings the distillery in exchange for Stewart’s brother Frederick!] He joined the family business in 1967. He and his brother ran the business for more than 40 years, bottling amazing whiskies along the way. As is wont to happen, they eventually saw different futures for the company and amicably parted ways in 2013, splitting the stocks of whisky they’d accumulated over the years. Stewart then founded Hunter Laing & Co. with his sons, Scott and Andrew. They’re an ambitious bunch, having built a brand new distillery on Islay called Ardnahoe, which will be their crown jewel. In the meantime, they are still one of the premiere bottlers in Scotland. Distiller’s Art is their newest label and one we’re proud to offer you here today.

Scotch Whisky
21 years
Oak Treatment:
Sherry Cask
Alcohol %:
Single Malt Whisky
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750 ml Bottle