Don Julio '1942' Anejo Tequila

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In 1942, the year Don Julio created his first distillery and began a legacy unmatched in Jalisco, the Chicago Cubs abandoned their plan to install lights in Wrigley Field and the epic love story Casablanca debuted. Needless to say, it was an interesting year.


In 1988 the Cubs would get their lights and around 14 years later this limited production Añejo was created to commemorate Don Julio's legacy. Aged over 2 years in barrel, this is jam packed with layers of ripe blue agave, green apple and citrus with a clean finish of vanilla, caramel and oak spice. A true testament to the passion of Don Julio!

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In 1942 Don Julio Gonzalez's Tequila journey began. Early on he learned how all aspects of the process - from cultivating agave to fermentation, aging and bottling - needed detailed care and attention in order to make great Tequila. After decades of only sharing his Tequila with family and friends, word got out and Mexico's most sought after Tequila was made available for all to enjoy. Sadly, Don Julio passed on earlier this year, however, his legacy lives on in each bottle produced and marks that it is passion, above all else, that makes great Tequila.

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750 ml Bottle