Don Julio 70th Anniversary Añejo Claro Tequila

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To mark their 70th anniversary, Don Julio released an Añejo Tequila, aged 18 months, in reclaimed American oak barrels, then filtered to crystal clear perfection using proprietary techniques known as claro. Bright citrus reminiscent of Blanco" Tequila, but quickly blends with vanilla, butterscotch and a touch of sweet oak that one expects with an Añejo. Honey, toasty agave and a hint of salinity make up the palate on this truly special and unique Tequila.

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In 1942 Don Julio Gonzalez's Tequila journey began. Early on he learned how all aspects of the process - from cultivating agave to fermentation, aging and bottling - needed detailed care and attention in order to make great Tequila. After decades of only sharing his Tequila with family and friends, word got out and Mexico's most sought after Tequila was made available for all to enjoy. Sadly, Don Julio passed on earlier this year, however, his legacy lives on in each bottle produced and marks that it is passion, above all else, that makes great Tequila.

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18 months
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750 ml Bottle

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Outer quote mark Billed as the world's first white añejo, it indeed has an unusual clear appearance, hence the name 'claro.' Created to celebrate Don Julio's 70th anniversary, this limited edition bottling, aged for 18 months, has powerful charred oak, honey and vanilla notes, and a banana-like finish.