Egan's Legacy Reserve 15-year Irish Whiskey

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In 1852 Patrick Egan Sr. established P&H Egan Ltd in Tullamore, County Offaly, the heart of 19th century Irish ingenuity and trade. This spirited enterprise quickly became one of Ireland’s foremost merchant houses, spanning a range of commercial endeavors that included malting, brewing and bottling. Today the Egan legacy and time honored traditions are carried forward by a family with Irish Whiskey in their blood. Resurrection stories are common in our industry and this is one is a true marvel. Irish whiskey has exploded, thanks to the big names we all recognize, but these lesser known brands begin their lives sourcing whiskeys from the top Irish distilleries as their own spirits patiently wait in cask until they reach optimal maturity. The Legacy Reserve is limited to 1000 bottles for the world and we secured enough for this special club selection! Slainte!
Crisp notes of ginger candy, dried fruit and malt dominate the aromatics. A warm, balanced mouth feel with flavors of oak, clove, honey, butterscotch and a backbone of vanilla lead to a lingering finish with notes of spice, honey, and caramel. Simply one of the most stunning Irish whiskeys we’ve had in some time.

Irish Whiskey
15 years
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