Fernet Branca Italy

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The spirit of San Francisco. No, not like that. Let's just say that over half of their production is consumed in the Bay area. Rich, dark and medicinal (in a good way) it's a superb aperitif, a relaxing after dinner sipper and a cure all for those rough mornings." This elixir truly is the eighth wonder of the world and always puts a smile on the face of those who indulge. No bar is complete without a bottle of Fernet. "

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In 1845, Bernandino Branca created the Fernet-Branca bitter. It became famous worldwide and led to the founding of the Fratelli Branca Distillery. Of course, this was not a great surprise, being that the Branca's are a family of entrepreneurs with innovative vision and a passion for challenges. In fact, it was this intuition that enabled them to produce products that matched the needs of the public and, as a result, export them all over the world to more than 40 countries. At the core of this success, was their ability to communicate with their clientele, which has been a constant at the forefront of their endeavors since the 1800's. Also in this period, the Branca motto becomes "Novare Serbando" which means renew and conserve. It's a synthesized expression of what it means to be an entrepreneur: one must be open to new ideas, but retain a strong commitment to preserve traditional values.

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750 ml Bottle