FEW Cask Strength Bounty Hunter Private Selection Bourbon Whiskey


These bourbons just keep getting better and better. As FEW has grown they’ve had a little more time to mature their spirits. Rich aromatics highlighted by caramel and sweet corn lead the charge. It’s big and bold with butterscotch, citrus, and spice. This single barrel is hot on the tail of Kentucky’s finest cask strength bottlings. Find a new route to flavor country, direct from the shores of Lake Michigan!

They might say; "There are many choices, drink FEW." To which we'd have to reply; "Gladly, consider it done." But what or who is this FEW? FEW Spirits is a craft distillery located in Evanston, Illinois outside of Chicago (the birthplace of the temperance movement). Master Distiller Paul Hletko gave his brand a nod of that history in naming it FEW - as in, few distilleries survived prohibition. FEW Spirits blazed a new trail in the once dry county to become the first distillery opened in Evanston since prohibition. Dedicated to quality in all they do, "craft" just about describes every facet of FEW - from making the glass to the liquid inside, they pride themselves on doing it all, and doing it well. Every one of FEW Spirits' bottlings features a label depicting a scene from the Chicago World's Fair of 1892. Whiskies and gins and fun, oh my!

Bourbon Whiskey
Oak Treatment:
American Oak; 100% new & charred
Alcohol %:
FEW Spirits
undisclosed bourbon whiskey mash bill
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