Frey Ranch Estate Gin Nevada

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The Freys use a blend of estate-grown rye, barley and corn to produce this stellar gin. Right away the notes of fresh-picked sage take off and entrance the senses. A soft hit of juniper with floral and citrus holding court really round out this expressive gin. As the seasons change, we thirst for gin and tonic.

Frey (pronounced fray) Ranch Estate Distillery is the first commercial "estate" distillery in Nevada. Located in a modern, 4700 sq. ft. facility on a fifth-generation farm, Colby Frey is using all estate-grown grains - corn, rye, barley, and wheat - for his distillates. The first releases of vodka and gin have really impressed our tasting panel. Be the first in your neighborhood to try these guys out, you will understand why craft spirits are gaining ground so quickly in the American market.

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United States
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750 ml Bottle