George Dickel 9 year Bounty Hunter Private Selection Tennessee Whisky Barrel


This single-barrel has a voluptuous mouthfeel and smooth, charcoal-mellowed character with rich tones of Heath Bar and vanilla that overlay a mosaic of spice and red fruit notes. Often when we find barrels from Dickel that we covet, there is an especially low yield so grab a bottle of this and experience what Tennessee whiskey is all about.

Contrary to popular belief, there are several producers of American whiskey in the state of Tennessee. In fact, prior to Prohibition, George Dickel was the largest of them all. In an effort to resurrect the Dickel brand, Master Distiller John Lunn has gone back through old distillery records to find the exact milling, yeasting, fermentation and distillation regimen that George himself used back in the good ol' days. He is also following the old distillery saying that "Time isn't measured in hours, days or months, but in years. Patience is not only a virtue, but also the essential ingredient in making the finest Tennessee whisky." If George were alive today, he'd be proud of the whiskey that bears his name.

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Other Whiskey
9 years
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United States
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