Glengoyne Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky Highland


The newest release from an historic malt house, Glengoyne Cask Strength is a powerhouse whisky at an incredible price. Sweet vanilla aromas are framed by oat biscuit and tropical fruit, as the wave of initial heat dissipates. Add a touch of water and let this one bloom into a delightful, spicy, floral, and sweet glass of whisky with a long, bold finish. The Highlands at their finest.

Nestled among the hills just fifteen miles north of Glasgow, on what is known as the "Highland Line" separating the Lowland and Highland region, is a small distillery that prides itself on taking their sweet time. The folks at Glengoyne are quick to let you know that their stills are the slowest in Scotland, with new make spirit coming off at the rate of between 4-5 litres per minute. [Fun fact: the average rate is____]. The speed at which the spirit distills contributes to the esters that remain in the end product, and thus go into barrel. These esters are largely responsible for the unique, slightly sweet, character Glengoyne whisky possesses. The patience required to produce and age this whisky reward you with every sip.p/p Founded in 1833 amidst a number of illicit stills operating in the area, it was originally known as Burnfoot Distillery, and operated as such until 1867 when it was rechristened Glenguin (later the spelling was changed to its current form). The distillery has (like many of its contemporaries) changed ownership a number of times throughout its history, but has always been operation and in addition to its fine single malts has been a favorite blending component for generations, most notably used as one of the primary malts in Cutty Sark. The brand is experiencing growth it has not seen before and this 21 year delivers quality and value at a time when that seems to be going against the norm. Slainte!

Spirit (Varietal):
Scotch Whisky
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United Kingdom
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