Golden Moon Distillery Redux Absinthe Superieure


We’re bringing you some nerdy stuff this month. One spirit a bit more modern in style and this one, a throwback to traditional processes and flavor profiles. This absinthe comes to you from Golden Moon Distillery in Colorado. Founded by Stephen Gould and Karen Knight in early 2008 specifically to produce premium hand-crafted herbal liqueurs in a time-honored method, they’ve been winning awards and producing sensational spirits since they opened the doors. Stephen has a library of books on distillation history dating to the 16th century that informs his decision making when it comes to new spirits. Made in the Belle Epoque tradition, this is classic in style and will welcome your sugar cube.

A flavor party with anise in the front and a long, flowing mane of herbs in the back. This is a complex spirit that, when served properly, will bring conversation to the fore. Truly a traditional glass of absinthe from an herbal spirit historian, you’ll find slight hints of mint, spice and seed that balance out the herbal tones from start to finish. A stunner for sure!

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Golden Moon Distillery
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750 ml Bottle