High West 'Bourye' 2020 Edition Blended Whiskey

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The latest Limited Sighting of High West's most elusive critter is balanced with tropical fruits, candied ginger, spice and a hint of freshly roasted coffee beans. Pitted fruits and caramel on the palate give way to more ginger and a hint of butterscotch. It's got a long, meandering finish with loads of spice and a touch of savory fruit, you'll walk away from the table well satisfied after a long swig of this!
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Utah's first legal distillery since the 1870's, High West started with proprietor and distiller David Perkins' passion to make a great Whiskey. After learning the secrets of distilling and the art of blending, they set up shop in the Rocky Mountains in Park City, Utah. At High West, blends are king, and Mr. Perkins has a knack for choosing the right combinations of whiskeys. An innovator of the highest pedigree, he makes some unconventional and traditional blends. Choosing to take the route of transparency over secrecy, you'll always know what goes into the bottle. Dave sources some of the best ryes and bourbons available from multiple distilleries to blend into his final releases. At the saloon and distillery in Park City they make a mean couple of vodkas. Meanwhile a new distillery has been built just about an hour away where the new make spirit will rest until it is ready to be a part of High West's masterful lineup. As someone once said, there's gold in them thar hills. High West has hit the jackpot!

American Whiskey
No Age Statement
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High West Distillery
blend of bourbon and rye mash bills
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750 ml Bottle