Highland Park Single Cask Series California Edition 13 year Single Malt Whisky

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Bottled exclusively for the California market, Cask No. 3609 is a 100% refill Sherry cask whisky aged more than 13 years on the blustery, wind-swept shores of Orkney. Aromas of dark chocolate, burnt orange peel, heather, and smoke charge the senses giving way to a big, bold palate of garam masala spice, toasted almonds, oat cakes, and vanilla. Friends from across the nation will be looking to California for their Highland Park fix thanks to this bottling! Fewer than 50 cases produced, get yours today!

There are Five Keystones that distinguish Highland Park from other distilleries: Hand-turned Malt, Aromatic Peat, Cool Maturation, Sherry Oak Casks and harmonization. Highland Park is one of only a handful of distilleries that still retains a traditional malting floor, turning each batch of malt by hand, in what is a physically demanding process. To malt our barley, we steep it in the mineral rich water from the Crantit spring, before transferring it to the malting floor to slowly germinate. When it is ready, the barley is then placed in our kilns where the aromatic peating process begins. One of the fundamental flavors in Highland Park single malt whisky is the delicate, sweet, aromatic peat smoke, which has given Highland Park its unique character since 1798. The Orkney Islands have an abundance of this sweet, heathery peat, which is around 4000 years old and is carefully selected from Hobbister Moor. The peat we cut is a mixture of textures and aromas ranging from a more floral heather-rich top layer, to a darker, denser material, the mixture giving the resulting smoke a slow burning and complex aroma. For Distillery Manager, Graham Manson, the peat is the key to understanding and appreciating Highland Park; he describes its role as being "absolutely fundamental." With as much as 70% of the overall flavor of a single malt whisky coming from the type of cask it is matured in, it is imperative to treat these handmade casks with a reverence and respect. Orkney is unusually blessed with a wonderfully temperate climate, with neither extreme cold nor hot temperatures; perfect for a long, cool maturation in our traditional warehouses. Other distilleries often mature their casks far from the distillery. We feel that by staying as close to home, we give the whisky a distinctly Orcadian personality, with a smooth character and lingering, delicate smokiness. The majority of the Scotch whisky industry uses ex-bourbon barrels for maturation. At Highland Park, bourbon barrels are not routinely filled. Traditional oak casks are used; butts, puncheons or hogsheads - no barrels - all seasoned with dry Oloroso sherry, which contribute to the distinctive richness in the resulting whisky. Spanish oak casks seasoned with sherry give color, spice and dried fruit character, whereas American oak sherry seasoned casks give lighter, sweeter vanilla and butterscotch flavours. Sherry oak casks are far more expensive but the view at Highland Park is that they are worth it for the rich character and natural colour they provide to the maturing spirit. To ensure every bottle of Highland Park reaches you in perfect condition, the whisky is harmonized. Other distillers often see this practice as an unnecessary expense, but for us, it is an essential part of our rich heritage. Without it, Highland Park just wouldn't be the same. Each individual batch of Highland Park is drawn together from a variety of cask types, contributing an array of distinct, unique flavors and additional harmonization for up to six months perfectly marries them together. The impact this marriage has on the whisky is nothing short of stunning and ensures consistency, as well as adding complexity and exceptional balance on the palate.

Scotch Whisky
13 years
Oak Treatment:
Refill Sherry Butt
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Highland Park
100% malted Scottish barley
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750 ml Bottle