I.W. Harper History of Bourbon 2-pack

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We present you with a unique opportunity to add some sensational whiskey to your back bar. Produced and packaged with a nod to the past while offering the modern bourbon lover a real treat to the senses. 

The two whiskeys included in the pack include ground delivery (where applicable) – a deal you most certainly should take advantage of!

I.W. Harper Straight Bourbon Whiskey – This reimagining of the gold standard of bourbon from a bygone era will have you planning your next Gatsby-style “Speakeasy” party. It’s a rich, balanced, and easy drinking bourbon that is great for every day consumption as well as making your favorite cocktails. 

I.W. Harper 15-year Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Hands down one of the best bourbons we’ve tasted in years. Unctuous, dense and complex with an unmatched intensity. This is your “special occasion” sipping whiskey that arrives in a decanter you’ll want to keep on your bar long after the liquid is gone!

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