Jack Daniel’s 1938 Bonded Straight Bourbon 700ml

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In the glass, JD Bonded has a solid, mid-amber coloring. The scent is solidly Jack Daniel’s: brown sugar and caramel sweet, a touch spicy, a touch nutty, plus a touch of char. It’s a mellow, subdued scent, although here it is noticeably stronger than is usually the case with classic Jack Daniel’s.
The flavor holds with the brown sugar, caramel and nuttiness, but to this adds a little creamy, banana milkshake. The finish turns a bit spicy and a bit woody, and lingers for a spell.
This is one of those Jack Daniel’s expressions that takes the core flavor profile of classic JD and builds on it, rather than taking it to different places. It is a modest step up in flavor, due in large part to the increased in proof, but also to barrel selection.

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Tennessee Whiskey
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Chris Fletcher
Corn, Rye & Barley
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700 ml Bottle

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Jack Daniel’s Bonded was produced in one distilling season, aged for a minimum of 4 years, and bottled at 50% alcohol by volume. Our tasters found gentle aromas of dried herbs, cherry, banana, and well-integrated oak on the nose, leading to a bold palate of honeyed peanuts, brown sugar, dark chocolate, and melted caramel, all accented by peppery spice. Even with its heft and pleasant mature notes, this is still a fresh, vibrant whiskey. It’s also one with lots of character, offering a host of flavors that marry well.