Jefferson's Reserve 'Pritchard Hill Cask Finished' Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey Kentucky

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Perfectly marrying Bounty Hunter’s roots in great Napa wine with our passion for the finest Bourbon, this Jefferson’s Reserve has caught our attention.  Ecstatic over this 90 proof release, with the Cabernet barrel finish showing prominently up front.  Luscious mouthfeel with sweet notes of black cherry and honey, accented by mocha undertones and a kiss of smoke – an ideal addition to the cabinet!

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Creating very uncommon bourbon is a journey. We seek out new and aged barrels of bourbon from established distilleries that have perfected their art over hundreds of years. Then we do some old-fashioned experimenting, building balance and adding complexity through different selection, agitation and environmental processes until we find the taste Jefferson's is known for. That is found in small batch bottling. It's like making dinner for 8 friends rather than a group of 80 people. Founded in 1997, Jefferson's is the brainchild of Trey Zoeller and his father Chet, a famed bourbon historian. They were continuing a family tradition that goes back to Trey's 8th generation grandmother who was arrested in 1799 for the "production and sales of spirituous liquors." To personify the brand, they chose Thomas Jefferson-known for his curiosity and experimental spirit. This is a mindset to which Trey has dedicated himself, pushing the boundaries of the definition of bourbon. Upholding tradition, yet always discovering new possibilities.

Spirit (Varietal):
Bourbon Whiskey
Country of Origin:
United States
Alcohol %:
SKU #:
750 ml Bottle