Jewel of Russia 'Classic' Vodka 1L

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Oh, and what a jewel it is! A blend of hard winter wheat and rye, distilled five times, it’s filtered five times through paper, sand and a special signature charcoal technique from the Chernogolovka distillery where it is made. The result is water-clear with a grainy, fruity nose and a plump and oily texture and a minerality that is seldom found in vodka these days. This is bold and brash and makes no apologies – the way true Russian vodka is supposed to be. Whether your companion is an ounce of Sevruga or Natalia Vodianova, this should be your drink of choice.

"The Jewel of Russia" brings to the United States the best of Russian vodka-making traditions - directly from the heart of Russia. Only natural ingredients and ancient recipes are used in making the Jewel of Russia vodka and (unique in the US market) vodka-based infusions that satisfy the most demanding tastes. The brand's top priority is to preserve the distinctive and authentic character of traditional Russian Vodka, while achieving the highest level of smoothness. Authenticity, quality and tradition are observed throughout the product line. From the distinctive 300 year-old bottle design to the silk cord, to the genuine red wax emblem and seal, and, finally to the traditional Russian hand-painted bottles ("Ultra" Limited Edition), the products reflect devotion to the past.

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Russian Federation
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1 Liter Bottle