Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost & Rare Special Blend with Port Ellen

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In this blend, the second edition of Ghost & Rare, the shuttered (and soon reopening) Islay distillery Port Ellen takes center stage. As the anchor Port Ellen brings an intense peat level to this whisky, balanced by other ghosted distilleries Carsebridge and Caledonian, you'll find a roundness of vanilla and citrus sweet and tart. This takes time to unpack, and the whisky evolves beautifully in the glass. Truly an extraordinary dram, and another feather in the cap of the Johnnie Walker crown.

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Back in 1820, when Johnnie Walker first established his business, (and malt and grain whiskies were bottled singly) a market for them barely existed outside Scotland. Mr. Walker found that like wine, whisky can vary from year to year, so he started doing the unthinkable - blending malt and grain whisky to create a consistent flavor and a quality that could be relied on time and time again. Over 150 years later, Johnnie Walker's mission "to make our whisky of such quality that nothing in the market shall come before it" is still the reigning leader of blended scotch whisky.

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