Johnnie Walker 'King George V' Blended Scotch Whisky Scotland

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The latest addition from the striding man in a top hat pays homage to King George V who granted the first 'Royal Warrant' to Johnnie Walker in 1934 - a distinguished honor, much like being knighted. This whisky is blended from distilleries that were operating during the King's reign (1910-1936) including the highly prized Port Ellen Islay single malt that was closed in 1983. The whisky is smooth and delightful - similar to an old cognac. It retains a muscular fruitiness while spicy, peaty and smoky nuances compliment the unctuous texture and spectacular protracted finish. As with any gem of the carat, the King George comes in a hand blown crystal decanter nestled in a plush, silk-lined display box - the sort of trophy that makes your bar or a shelf in the study sparkle. Though you might consider hiding this from your brother-in-law Chip.

Back in 1820, when Johnnie Walker first established his business, (and malt and grain whiskies were bottled singly) a market for them barely existed outside Scotland. Mr. Walker found that like wine, whisky can vary from year to year, so he started doing the unthinkable - blending malt and grain whisky to create a consistent flavor and a quality that could be relied on time and time again. Over 150 years later, Johnnie Walker's mission "to make our whisky of such quality that nothing in the market shall come before it" is still the reigning leader of blended scotch whisky.

Spirit (Varietal):
Scotch Whisky
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
SKU #:
750 ml Bottle