Junipero Gin San Francisco

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From washing machines to blue cheese to beer and spirits, Fritz Maytag is a 21st Century renaissance man with the Midas touch for success. His debut into libations started with the San Francisco icon Anchor Steam and now Junipero is making waves in martini glasses around the world. It starts with crystal clear purity in the glass and a plethora of subtle aromatics sing to the complexity of this superb recipe. A light and crisp palate focused on notes of juniper, citrus and cardamom that finishes long and clean. A throwback gin to the days of Jackie Gleason, the Rat Pack and of course, the three martini lunch. For some of you, this tradition lives on – and we applaud you!

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Anchor is synonymous with "craft", and is regarded as a San Francisco treasure. The brewery's roots go to pre-1906 Earthquake SF. In 1977 owner Fritz Maytag moved the facility from Russian Hill to its current digs in Old Potrero. In 1993, when Maytag expanded the business to include distilling, he fulfilled a dream that began with an idea in the 1960s. He saw a rye whiskey revolution on the horizon, but there were no pot-stilled ryes being made in the US at the time. Thanks to this realization "Old Potrero" rye was born. Already a pioneer, daring and visionary innovation has established Anchor as one of the top craft distillers in the world. With a breathtaking lineup that includes vodka and a variety of gins and ryes the legend continues to grow.

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750 ml Bottle