Kaiyō Cask Strength Mizunara Oak Malt Whisky


Kaiyō Cask Strength is a bold and concentrated whisky. The Mizunara influences shows from start to finish with amped-up spice, coconut, and vanilla overtones leaping from the glass. The palate is engaging and lively with more spice and floral tones layering with all of the aromatics creating an incredibly complex whisky. This has all the "Wow Factor" of some limited Yamazaki and Hibiki releases at a fraction of the cost!

The newest arrival of whisky from our neighbors across the Pacific is an exploration into the magic of Mizunara oak. Casks coopered from Mizunara are legendary in the spirits world for their rarity as well as the unique sandalwood spice they impart on a finished whisky. Kaiy? is a new brand that operates somewhat like a negociant bottler in the wine industry. They source whisky from unnamed distilleries and mature the distillate in beautiful Mizunara casks from the Ariake cooperage. This type of oak is very expensive and notoriously difficult to work with. The wood is soft and porous, and many expressions of whisky aged in them have sold for well over $1000 per bottle.

Japanese Whiskey
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Mizunara Oak; 100%
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