Karlsson's 'Gold' Potato Vodka


Known as The Father of Absolut", Börje Karlsson is the master blender behind Karlsson’s Gold Vodka. Distilled from virgin new potatoes, whose skin is still rather thin and smooth, this vodka has a soft and inviting nose of silky cocoa. The entry is delightfully creamy with a hint of cocoa that matches the nose. The mid-palate is subtle with notes of black pepper joined with bittersweet chocolate. The finish is long, clean, pure and delicious. Karlsson’s Gold is classic vodka at its finest. You’ll find yourself craving more! "

Cape Bjäre (Bjärehalvön) is a little peninsula in southwest Sweden, much closer to Copenhagen than Stockholm. The cape is home to about 50 potato-farming families who in 2001 began to grow uneasy about encroaching golf courses and hotels as this sunny, beachfront corner of Sweden became a tourist destination. One farmer, Peter Ekelund, decided to create a grower's co-operative and a vodka brand to create permanent demand for a special type of potato, known locally as "Farmer's Gold." These beautiful new potatoes - a symbol to the Swedish people of their emergence from another long winter - are some of the best in the world.

Ekelund called up his friend Börje Karlsson, who was instrumental in the creation of Absolut vodka. Together they taste each year to determine which potato cultivar is optimal for that year's vodka production, and today this creamy, minerally, white-peppery vodka is a wonder to behold. Only 165 cases of this exceptional, vintage-dated vodka are produced each year.

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