Kavalan 'Ex Bourbon' Single Cask Selection Single Malt Whisky Taiwan


Two for two! This is another limited release that blew our minds last week when we tasted it. Light in color-though don't let that fool you-this packs a huge punch of flavors. Classic notes of tropical fruits meshed with vanilla and spice. The palate is big, yet has that unmistakable elegance Kavalan is quickly becoming known for. This drinks much easier than 59.4% abv would suggest. It's yet another stunning bottle from our friends in Yilan City. If you're a bourbon lover looking to make the jump across the Pacific, start here; you wont' regret it!

**Very Limited Availability**

Founded in 2005 by the King Car Group, Kavalan is the first and only whisky distillery in Taiwan. Named for the earliest tribe that inhabited the land around the distillery, Kavalan has a passionate commitment to creating premium whisky. Currently they have the capacity to produce roughly 1.2 million liters of spirits per year using their 12,000 liter wash still (used for the first distillation) and their 7,000 liter spirits still (for final distillation). While they mainly age their whisky in first-fill bourbon barrels, they have also find success with aging in sherry butts and hogsheads, port barriques, and former wine casks. Due to the local climate, the whisky matures rapidly and, as a result they have been able to offer an impressive range of spirits in their short tenure.

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