Kikori Whisky Japan


There is nothing "heavy" about this distinctive whiskey, distilled 100% from rice grown in Kyushu. Light floral tones dominate the opening aromatics, with are underlying aromas of toasted vanilla and cooked sugar. The palate is silken and graceful with hints of melon, pear and almond tart, and a soft oaky character. They use unadulterated, crisp mountain water from Kumamoto which instills a palpable purity in this whiskey. Kikori is a delightful spirit, with a bright, clean finish, one to savor every last sip… without making a dent in your wallet!

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Our search for greatness again takes us across the Pacific. There is a long history of Sake and Shochu in the Kumamoto Prefecture. This upstart distillery has taken that to the next level. Rice grows in abundance in Japan and is an integral part of the food and drink culture. For millenia breweries across the island nation have been producing Sake and small rice distilleries have been making Shochu. Kikori is distilled from 100% local rice and matured in oak to create a unique and special whiskey. Specifically they use a combination of French Limousin, American, and Sherry cask to bring additional character to the finished product. The result is a delicate, aromatic spirit that evokes the subtle beauty of its home. A welcome contrast to some malt whisky, Kikori is soft, floral, and fragrant. We thoroughly enjoyed this versatile whiskey in our tasting. It is great on its own, in a high-ball, or in a number of cocktails - particularly those with a strong citrus element.

Japanese Whiskey
3-10 years
Oak Treatment:
combination of American oak, Limousin, and Sherry cask
Alcohol %:
Kikori whiskey
SKU #:
750 ml Bottle