Krug Grande Cuvee 171st Edition Champagne

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Enter the realm of Krug Grande Cuvée, where artistry meets tradition in a symphony of flavors and aromas. Each Édition, a testament to Joseph Krug's dream, encapsulates years of dedication and mastery. From its light golden hue to its vibrant bubbles, this Champagne tantalizes the senses with notes of flowers, fruits, and delicate spices. Embrace the legacy of excellence in every sip

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“For me, Krug is more than a Champagne. It is a word that stands for artistry, tradition, craftsmanship, and moments of pure pleasure. All Krug’s wines are small masterworks.” – Richard Juhlin These guys understand the weight of expectation. That's why they only produce top-drawer offerings. The house style is decadent, heady and well structured. No wonder they've been a benchmark in Champagne for such a long time, as in dating back to 1843. Krug Champagne was started by Joseph Krug and crafts its classic bubbly from mostly Reims - one of the region's most renowned cities and most famous wine growing areas. Joseph's vision was to offer the experience of exceptional pleasure and good living. Sip after sip, bottle after bottle and decade after decade, the sparklers of the Krug name have wowed tasters. Today his successors carry on with the utmost respect for quality and tradition with an array of wines, all of which celebrate their difference of terroir and expression, each united by their superb quality. You've tasted the rest, how about one of the best?

Julie Cavil
Non Vintage
7 years
Total Varietal Composition %:
45% Pinot Noir, 37% Chardonnay, 18% Meunier
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750 ml Bottle

James Suckling

The tightness and tension of this is impressive considering the youngest wine from this is 2015 (hot and dry year), with some wines going back to 2000. Ginger and orange zest. Some creme brulee. It's medium-bodied with apple, pie crust and floral character. It's salty and zesty yet, at the same time, complex and gorgeous. Chamomile and other floral teas highlight everything. Turns rich and flavorful at the finish. Terrific release. Really takes off at the end. Drink or hold.