Lagavulin 8 year Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky


The signature Lagavulin notes of peat, brine, sea spray and smoke are all there, though this beauty has another layer, showing a brighter, more youthful side that offers a distinct difference from all other malts we've had (and there are many) from this iconic distillery. The palate is fresh with hints of flora, mint and a touch of honeycomb coming in waves along with the classic brine we are expecting. An homage to Lagavulin’s days of old this is a fitting tribute to the distillery's long, remarkable history.

Islay is a small island with a big attitude and the epicenter for peat-laden whisky. Miles and miles of peat bog provide the raw material whose influence is the moniker for Islay malts, of which Lagavulin is perhaps best known. Its rich peaty water runs down the brown burn from the Solan Lochs in the hills above the distillery. This water, along with long fermentation, distillation and maturation, ensures that Lagavulin develops all of its distinct rich, peaty character. It's a spirit that likes to take its time, but rewards you with a distinctive malt that has no equal.

Scotch Whisky
8 years
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