Loch & Union American Dry Gin

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This award winning gin, crafted just down the road in Napa Valley, is a new entrant into craft spirits fastest growing category. An American Dry Gin which features 12 botanicals sourced from 10 different countries and aims for maximum flavor and balance. It easily achieves both. With a backbone of Juniper that frames soft notes of savory spice, tea leaves, and a hint of citrus this is a gin that is ready for anything… a little splash of tonic and lime, a Negroni, or grab that bottle of bubbles and make a French 75 – you can’t go wrong!

It’s difficult to distill the essence of a business into a short statement. Chief distiller Gian Pablo Nelson of tries by telling us “everything we do at Loch & Union embodies the pioneering spirit of the Napa Valley.” Founded by Colin Baker and Matthew Meyer in 2016, Loch & Union Distillery set out to create a unique Single Malt Whisky, and have made smart, important decisions that will inform their business throughout the future. 

Baker, Meyer, and the team are meticulous and could be described as perfectionists. From the impressive, custom Carl stills - built to Baker’s specifications and driven by a control system that is the first of its kind - to their extraordinary reverse osmosis water system, everything at this distillery is done with quality, sustainability and scalability in mind. It is truly one of the most state-of-the-art distilleries we have ever seen.

They have chosen Napa Valley to house their operation because they want to age their single malt in wine barrels, and what better place to find those than wine country. The coopers are around the corner from their distillery and there is a plethora of used wine barrels available, thus offering a unique flavor profile to their eventual flagship product. 

In the meantime they’re producing gin, and they put as much effort into selecting the flavor profile of their gin as they have with everything else. Scouring the market for just the right botanical mix, they settled on 12 botanicals from 10 different countries and the result is nothing short of remarkable. This upstart is going to excite your senses and make the rest of your summer gin imbibing even more delicious.

Napa Valley
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Loch & Union Distilling
Grain spirit with botanicals
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750 ml Bottle