Lock, Stock, and Barrel 18 Year Straight Rye Whiskey

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If you are a fan of Rye Whiskey, this is the ultimate expression. A rare 18-year release that isn't going to cost you the same as a used F150! Every rye drinker we talk to loves this, ourselves included! Loaded with intensity and balance, it’s got more than enough character to while away the winter nights!

If you've been paying attention to the spirits scene in recent years, you're probably familiar with St. Germain, the intoxicating Elderflower liqueur that's a part of modern American cocktail culture. The quintessential element of more than a few cocktails is all well and good, but St. Germain's creator Robert Cooper wasn't satisfied with being remembered solely for his "flower liqueur." Drawing upon his family's heritage as distillers and brewers, Robert decided to create something entirely new and truly memorable. Lock, Stock & Barrel, a limited release straight rye whiskey, is crafted in Pennsylvania - the veritable birthplace and spiritual motherland of rye whiskey - from 100% rye. The best rye grows in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S., so that's where Robert went to source his grain. Only the plumpest, richest and most fragrant grains made the cut for Lock, Stock & Barrel. Post milling and mashing, the grain was fermented and then double copper-pot distilled. The spirit deepened in color and expression over the course of 13 years maturing in new, charred American oak. They said it, and we have to agree, this is a "whiskeyman's whiskey" through and through.

Rye Whiskey
18 years
United States
Alcohol %:
Distilled in Alberta Canada, bottled in the USA by Cooper Spirits
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750 ml Bottle