Longrow 18 Year Single Malt Whisky Campbeltown

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Staff Pick: Zac Melendrez - Wine Scout

My absolute favorite! Although heavily peated, this whisky is balanced by rich undertones reminiscent of pear peel, salted honeycomb and spicy malted stewed fruit. Aged to perfection in sherry casks (75%) and bourbon casks (25%) which both aid in the softening and sweetening of its natural smoky character.

Now home to only 3 distilleries, Campbeltown was once known as the "whisky capital of the world" with as many as thirty active distilleries. Of the three remaining today, Springbank reigns supreme with their lightly-peated malt. In 1973 Springbank's chairman challenged the status-quo and tasked his team with crafting an Islay-style malt (heavily-peated) at their facility. The experimental whisky, codenamed Longrow, was a great success and has built a cult following, and in 1992 it was made part of the permanent lineup. Production remains limited to just a few thousand cases each year, with a minute amount making it stateside.

Spirit (Varietal):
Scotch Whisky
18 years
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Alcohol %:
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750 ml Bottle