Lost Spirits 'Colonial' Bounty Hunter Collaboration Rum 2nd Edition


We have waited a long time to find you this batch of the final release of this “lost” spirit. The high-proof drinks community has certainly taken notice of this unconventional melding of the art and science of distillation. We hope you enjoy this in all its high-proof glory. Distilled from Grade A molasses you’ll find hints of charred oak, cola, and grapefruit in this one-of-a-kind rum. The palate offers a cavalcade of character highlighted by vanilla and cherries, with robust flavors of coffee and sarsaparilla rounding it out. With only 108 bottles produced it’s a rare collectible that won’t last. Get your bottles before they’re sold out. 

In the world of craft distilling, no one has made more waves the last few years than Lost Spirits Distillery. They’ve made headlines since 2010 for challenging conventional distillation and maturation techniques with their own cultivated yeasts and a proprietary science designed to speed maturation to mere days or weeks instead of years. Sometimes as elusive as experimental Lost Spirits is able to create flavor profiles unlike anything else you’ll find in the world of rum and whiskey. <b>In a high-tech world where almost anyone can be found, sometimes it feels good to get a little lost.</b>

Spirit (Varietal):
Oak Treatment:
Napa Valley Red Wine Cask
Country of Origin:
United States
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