The Macallan 'Rare Cask' Single Malt Whisky Highlands

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With thousands of barrels maturing in their warehouses, Macallan’s Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno was tasked with culling out sherry oak casks that deliver intense character on all fronts. What he was left with represented less than just 1% of all their casks. With a high-proportion of first-fill sherry malts aged from 17-21 years, Rare Cask yields opulent, yet soft aromas of vanilla, chocolate, nutmeg and clove. On the palate this malt’s age shines bright, with deep raisin notes tempered by nutty sherry and stone fruit that carry over into the warm, zesty finish. As long-time Macallan enthusiasts, this is simply one of the finest bottlings we have ever tasted.

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With over 200 years of malt mastery under their belt, the Macallan is undeniably the benchmark for which all others are judged. So much so, they've actually been banned from spirits competitions because they've won too many times. With less than 16% of their product ever making into a Macallan bottle, they're obsession with perfection has certainly paid off. We've acquired a few of their limited edition and rare single malts for you imbibing pleasure. Fair warning, these delicious treats will not be around for long.

Spirit (Varietal):
Scotch Whisky
Oak Treatment:
First fill Spanish sherry-seasoned oak c
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Alcohol %:
The Macallan
Single Malt Whisky
SKU #:
750 ml Bottle