Maker's Mark Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey Bounty Hunter Private Selection No. 5


A highlight of every barrel selection trip is the unique process at Maker’s Mark. The latest selection was produced by finishing Maker’s elixir with 10 staves:
Baked American Pure - 2
Seared French Cuvee - 5
Maker's 46 - 1
Toasted French Spice - 1

We went heavy on the French oak this time and it give this whisky an unmistakable elegance with notes of caramel, toasted spice, a hint of vanilla and dried fruits. The signature sweet tones Maker's is known for is present and accounted for, yet well-accented by these stave additions. Crafting these whiskeys is among the most fun we have as buyers in this business. Take advantage of these one-of-a-kind releases while you can!

Travel fewer than sixty miles from Louisville, through the gorgeous green landscape, and you’ll arrive at a distillery with a reputation that dwarfs its footprint. Maker’s Mark has been putting its stamp on the world of whiskey since Bill Samuels Sr. bought the old Burks Distillery in 1953, though it didn’t really reach icon status until the mid-2000s. The brand’s signature red-wax top and square bottle are unmistakable tractor beams that draw whiskey lovers in droves. With a reputation for quality and consistency, their small batch production has changed little over the years, with the introduction of just two new products in the last decade. Our recent visit to the distillery served as our reminder that this is one hell of a whiskey.

Bourbon Whiskey
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Maker's Mark
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750 ml Bottle