Maker's Mark Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey Kentucky

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The classic Maker’s revisited, this is no beginner’s bourbon. This is Marker’s Mark in its purest form, with bolder flavors and higher proof for dedicated bourbon enthusiasts. Bottled at cask strength, this has all the spice, caramel and dark red fruit of the original, cranked up to eleven. Pick one up and compare it to ours. They’re different beasts of the same ilk.

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Travel fewer than sixty miles from Louisville, through the gorgeous green landscape, and you’ll arrive at a distillery with a reputation that dwarfs its footprint. Maker’s Mark has been putting its stamp on the world of whiskey since Bill Samuels Sr. bought the old Burks Distillery in 1953, though it didn’t really reach icon status until the mid-2000s. The brand’s signature red-wax top and square bottle are unmistakable tractor beams that draw whiskey lovers in droves. With a reputation for quality and consistency, their small batch production has changed little over the years, with the introduction of just two new products in the last decade. Our recent visit to the distillery served as our reminder that this is one hell of a whiskey.

Spirit (Varietal):
Bourbon Whiskey
Country of Origin:
United States
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750 ml Bottle