McCarthy's Single Malt Whiskey Oregon


Handcrafted in heart of Oregon, McCarthy’s is a single malt whiskey that even the big boys of Islay would be proud to call their own. 100% peat-malted barley imported from Scotland and aged for three years in ex-sherry casks made from Oregon oak, this is reminiscent of a young Lagavulin. Seaweed, earthy peat and dry sawdust dominate the nose with soft fruit that quickly succumbs to iodine and thick bonfire smoke on the palate followed by bright citrus and nutty characteristics on the finish. Who says we can’t make great peated whiskey in the USA?

Steve McCarthy started Clear Creek Distillery twenty-nine years ago because he wanted to find the best use for the fruit from the McCarthy family's orchard. During his travels in Europe he became acquainted with a number of traditional European spirits, among them an eau de vie made from Williams Pear. Steve knew that with the wonderful fruit we grow in the Pacific Northwest he could make brandy just as good as that he had tried in Europe; that is the origin of Clear Creek Distillery. The name Clear Creek comes from the creek that runs through the pear orchard in Parkdale, Oregon. A genuine artisan distillery reflects the best of the natural and agricultural resources of its region. Clear Creek Distillery has succeeded in doing this, making world-class eau de vie and grappa for over twenty-six years. At Clear Creek we have married European traditional brandy-making techniques with the finest fruit from our own Oregon orchards to produce fruit eaux de vie, grappas, and wine brandy. They use the traditional European pot still along with techniques learned in Alsace and Switzerland. The distinctive "nose", or initial smell of the brandy in a snifter, is the result of careful fermentation and distillation of perfectly ripe fruit. And as you would expect, no colors or flavors are ever added to their brandies. Only the purest expression of fruit or grain makes it into a bottle of Clear Creek.

Spirit (Varietal):
American Whiskey
3 years
Oak Treatment:
Oregon Oak
Country of Origin:
United States
SKU #:
750 ml Bottle