Mezcal Machetazo Wild Agave Salmiana San Luis Potosi


Our exploration this month brings you to rural Mexico, and the regions beyond Oaxaca where mezcal is produced. Tradition reigns supreme with these producers, and we selected spirits that are great for an introduction to the beauty and complexity of mezcal. Using traditional processes including in-ground ovens known as hornos, long roasting times, and a tahona wheel for crushing the agave, Pérez coaxes as much flavor and character out of the piñas as any mezcalero we’ve worked with. These masters use a copper pot for a single distillation following a natural fermentation. This is a wild spirit that does not need to be tamed.
Beautiful complex notes of crushed stone, tropical fruit and a touch of smoke lead the flavor profile of this spirit. The palate is medium bodied with the bounties of the earth ingrained in its character. Amidst a wafting of smoke you’ll find an array of essences including wood, fresh agave, and tart lime.

San Luis Potosi
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Mezcal Machetazo
100% Wild Agave Salmiana
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