Michter's 10yr Straight Bourbon Whiskey 2018


Warning: This bourbon is not suitable for the timid or the weak at heart. Brace yourself for a full arsenal of brown sugar and oak vanillin on the nose with semi-sweet, succulent flavors of pine sap and granny’s pecan pie that coat the palate. A scrumptious sipper that’s as intriguing as it is dangerous ‘cause it always leaves you wanting just a little bit more. If you’re not careful, it could have you calling in a favor to your golfing buddy Judge Collins – but hey, you only live once.

1 bottle limit per customer

Michter's began distilling whiskey in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania since 1753 - that's long before Kentucky was even settled and over twenty years before the Declaration of Independence was signed. The distillery changed hands several times over the next two hundred years until one Adolf H. Hirsch, a former executive of the Schenley Co., bought some aged stocks of the whiskey from the 1960's and bottled a 16-year-old and a 20-year-old under the A.H. Hirsch label - two of the most highly coveted whiskies in the last century. Unfortunately, Michter's Distillery closed in 1988 after making the only post-Prohibition pot still Bourbon in America. Today, Master Distiller Willy Pratt moved this American heritage brand to Kentucky, where he bottles rare whiskies distilled according to the Michter's tradition and high quality standards.

Spirit (Varietal):
Bourbon Whiskey
10 years
Country of Origin:
United States
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