Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin 1 Liter

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First introduced stateside a few years ago in 375ml format, this robust and incredibly flavored gin from the Black Forest of Germany is now available in 1 Liter bottles, perfect for your summer shindigs. Rich spice notes complement the Juniper character perfectly. Make the best G&T on your block this year!

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After making huge waves in the European cocktail scene, Monkey 47 "Schwarzwald Dry Gin" has finally made its long awaited debut stateside. Based off of an early 1950's recipe that was uncovered during the renovation of a country guesthouse in the heart of Germany's Black Forest, distillers Alexander Stein and Christoph Keller have given life to this lost spirit. Starting with a molasses based distillate, 47 different botanicals are macerated for 36 hours prior to being distilled on small copper Holstein still. The resulting spirit rests for three months in earthenware containers and is then cut to bottling strength (47% ABV) with soft water from the Black Forest. This truly unique German gin is already making its name known, with wine critic Robert Parker quoted as saying it's "the greatest gin I have ever tasted." We're not sure if that makes it 100 points, but it might be as close as one can get. Production is limited, with annual production being right around 2,500 bottles, grab yourself a bottle or two while you can.

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