NEFT Vodka White Can

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It takes a lot to set oneself apart from the pack in the vodka market these days. You have come to expect that when we present you with a neutral spirit it is going to be something special, as we have in the past with items like Black Cow and High West 7000. The latest and greatest new vodka we're going to introduce you to won "Best Vodka" and a Double Gold Medal at the 2018 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. High praise indeed. But don't just take their word for it, try it for yourself, it's great stuff!

Welcome to the newest, slickest vodka on the market. NEFT (Russian for “oil”) is a pure, flavorful vodka with an innovative and creative package design. Let’s start with the exterior, shaped like an oil drum, the “barrel” is functional and efficient, it won’t break or shatter, it cools down in your fridge nice and fast… and at the very least is a great conversation piece.

Then there’s the vodka itself, distilled from four varieties of rye and blended to proof with pure Alpine water, it has wonderful notes of citrus and vanilla and a sublime texture. Perfect for your crisp, cold Vodka Martini or mixed with Ginger Beer for a sensational Mule, you can’t go wrong with this new addition to our stable of drinks.

Alcohol %:
Distilled from Rye
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750ml Can