Nikka Coffey Vodka

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It's sometimes difficult to find vodka that really has a "wow" factor. It may be one of the most challenging spirits to buy. There are so many in the market, all kinds of flavors, coming from huge factory distilleries and tiny craft producers alike. This one really set itself apart from many we've tasted recently. With slight hints of citrus and vanilla and a velvety mouthfeel, this is a real beauty. Time to re-think your perceptions on vodka and give this stuff a go!

We know you love Nikka for its whiskies, we do too! After more than eighty years producing some of Japan’s best malts they’re entering a new stratosphere, and when we tasted these a few weeks ago we were blown away! Nikka uses two Coffey stills to produce award winning grain and malt whisky. The stills, based on Aeneas Coffey’s design, patented in the1830, were imported to the distillery from Scotland in the 1960s. If those stills could talk, we bet there would be some fine whisky-soaked prose emanating from them. Now the gin-hounds have a place to turn. The addition of vodka and gin to their stable of spirits is welcome, and offers a fresh, unique take on each spirit – also loaded with their own histories. Each are produced by distilling corn and malted barley separately and meticulously blending the distillate to achieve the desired character and body. The use of the Coffey stills lends a richer mouthfeel and more flavor than you will find in spirits produced on traditional column stills. We had the opportunity to get an advance sampling of these and found them both to be top of class representations!

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750 ml Bottle