Nolet's 'The Reserve' Dry Gin

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Established in 1691 in Scheidam, the Netherlands, the Nolet Distillery is a family business steeped in tradition whose name is synonymous with quality. Carolus Nolet, the distillery's tenth generation owner, has dedicated his lifetime to creating the greatest tasting gin in the world.

First introduced in 2010, Nolet's The Reserve Dry Gin is among the most sought after luxury spirits on the market today. Its extremely small production and use of only the highest quality botanicals make for one dream bottle to have behind your bar. This gin is an aromatic rollercoaster! Soft notes of rose petal and sliced red apple are accented by the warming, spicy scent of saffron [the world's most expensive spice]. A subtle, citrusy hint of lemon verbena plays off the core characteristics in perfect unison. This is a thrill-ride of a gin, and one that is meant to be savored with long slow sips until you reach the apex of the adventure.

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750 ml Bottle