NV Krug Brut Rose Champagne 3L

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Champagne is a glorious and wondrous thing, and the powerhouse that is Krug never fails to deliver. Their Brut Rosé delivers untold layers of strawberry, brioche, hazelnut and white flower blossom aromas in a heady stream of mid-palate mousse. This legend of Champagne will flirt with you, tease you and, ultimately make you happily write bad checks.

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“For me, Krug is more than a Champagne. It is a word that stands for artistry, tradition, craftsmanship, and moments of pure pleasure. All Krug’s wines are small masterworks.” – Richard Juhlin These guys understand the weight of expectation. That's why they only produce top-drawer offerings. The house style is decadent, heady and well structured. No wonder they've been a benchmark in Champagne for such a long time, as in dating back to 1843. Krug Champagne was started by Joseph Krug and crafts its classic bubbly from mostly Reims - one of the region's most renowned cities and most famous wine growing areas. Joseph's vision was to offer the experience of exceptional pleasure and good living. Sip after sip, bottle after bottle and decade after decade, the sparklers of the Krug name have wowed tasters. Today his successors carry on with the utmost respect for quality and tradition with an array of wines, all of which celebrate their difference of terroir and expression, each united by their superb quality. You've tasted the rest, how about one of the best?

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3 Liter Bottle