NV Scacciadiavoli Metodo Classico Sagrantino Rose Brut Umbria

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Hailing from one of the most ancient wine production estates of the Montefalco zone, this most devilish, playful and delicious sparkling wine shows aromas of dried apricots and savory herbs which complements the flavors of dark dried fruits, almond, and a wave of tarragon that adorn the palate. All leading to a stunning crescendo in the finish. The name Scacciadiavoli (Devil banisher), derives from an exorcism carried out here in the XVII century. The episode involved a young woman possessed by the devil, who was made to drink some of the local red wine by the exorcist, which succeeded in driving away the devils.

Total Varietal Composition %:
85% Sagrantino 15% Chardonnay
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750 ml Bottle