Oakland Spirits Co. Automatic Halfshell Oyster Gin

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Established in 2016, Oakland Spirits Co. is laser-focused on producing unique flavorful gins that don't necessarily fit the regular "mold." To start, all of their gins are 100% grape-based spirits.
This gin is produced in collaboration with local shellfish heroes Hog Island Oysters, making full use of their signature Sweetwater oysters from Tomales Bay.
They use the whole oyster: shells, meat, and liquid... 240 of them smashed and added to the distillation. Along with dried tarragon, celery root, parsley, and lemon this is one of the oddest botanical recipes we've encountered and the result is truly stunning.
The oysters are immediately present in the aromatics, accented by the herbal tones from the tarragon, yet the Juniper is subdued. Whoa baby, the palate is where you really notice this... it's full-bodied, fleshy, lushly textured, and oh so soft. We aren't 100% sure what to do with this gin other than splash a touch of soda water in the glass and spritz it with a little lemon for the perfect summer drink.

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Oakland Spirits Co.
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750 ml Bottle