Octomore 10.4 Single Malt Whisky

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Octomore has always challenged the Scotch Whisky norms. With this release they're putting the conceptions of age and whisky on trial. 
Octomore 10.4 is produced from Scottish barley and is the youngest whisky every produced under the label. Yet we found it to be among the most impressive. 
Matured exclusively in heavily toasted, unused Limousin oak this is a transcendent whisky with youthful charm and a bit of an edge. The phenols are measured at 88ppm, and that shows in its soft smoke tones that are enveloped in a blanket of citrus, vanilla, fresh tree fruits and a touch of wood spice and tannin. It's an achievement in whisky making and maturation that we rarely see in whisky this young. Our tiny allocation of this limited release will be gone in a flash. Don't miss the boat!

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For many, the word Islay is synonymous with peat smoke, however, such is not always the case. Bruichladdich's former master distiller Jim McEwan, an Islay native with over forty years of experience, started a revolution among the island whiskies by skillfully creating a core of bottlings in an array of styles and flavors that are contrary to the region's status quo. Though some are made from peated malt, a majority are not and are more focused on the delicate nuances that come with age and barrels selected from around the world. The true "spirit" of Bruichladdich (pronounced brew-ik-lad-e) starts with organic and heritage barleys grown on selected farms for ultimate individuality. Microchip-free distilling in tall narrow-necked stills, followed by island maturation and natural bottling, producing some of the purest single malts in all of Scotland. From there, Jim selects wine casks from around the globe and when the whisky is ready, he'll rest it in the right barrel for a few month just to add another level of flavor. Fast forward to 2015 and Jim is now retired and Adam Hannett has taken the reins. Adam worked with Jim for many years and is ready to show the world what he's learned. We're excited for what's to come.

Scotch Whisky
Oak Treatment:
Limousin Oak
Alcohol %:
Bruichladdich Distillery
Single Malt Whisky
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750 ml Bottle