Old Potrero Bounty Hunter Private Selection Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey


You’re going to notice some alcohol on the nose at first, it’s there, but it doesn’t overwhelm the more subtle characteristics. We welcome a touch of water or a little ice in this glass, though. Loaded with aromas of freshly baked rye bread, cardamom pods and a hint of spiced lemon peel with subtle waves of cinnamon, clove. There’s a tea-like quality in this selection that we found irresistible. Here’s your chance to experience a whiskey that transcends time and space to a style of once consumed by the rugged men and women of the gold rush era.

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"Old Potrero” was born when Anchor Distilling founder Fritz Maytag saw a need for pot-distilled whiskey that harkened to a bygone era, and the stuff has been selling out since its introduction in the mid-90s. Already a pioneer, daring and visionary innovation has established Anchor as one of the top craft distillers in the world. With a breathtaking lineup that includes vodka and a variety of gins and ryes, the legend continues to grow. For the last few years Old Potrero has been among the most highly sought after craft whiskey in the country, we get our dribs and drabs allocated to us, and it sells out as fast as we can buy it. We have been asking to do a private bottling with Anchor Distilling for a long time, now, and it finally came to fruition! When the good folks in Potrero Hill approached us about an exclusive wine-barrel finished bottling, we jumped at the chance. It feels like kismet that the bottling we chose is the one finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from a winery in our back yard. Napa Valley is our home, it’s only fitting our whiskey calls this paradise home too.

Rye Whiskey
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Old Potrero
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750 ml Bottle