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Third Street Aleworks 'Bombay Rouge' Red IPA Santa Rosa, California

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 Third Street Aleworks 'Bombay Rouge' Red IPA Santa Rosa, California

Bombay Rouge Red IPA is the wonderful marriage of American Amber Ales, and the aggressive hop regimen found in most West Coast IPA's. Pouring a deep red color with an off-white head, touches of caramel and fresh baked bread and some fruity esters get the flavor train rolling, while it pulls into station with a deep resin and citrus finish. Can't decide between malt and hops? Who ever said you had to?


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Third Street Aleworks was founded in 1995 by a couple high school buddies Todd Hedrick and Chris Hagan who might've been just a little too enthusiastic about beer. It wasn't just beer though-Great comfort food and great people were also big parts of the equation, all things we here at Bounty Hunter enjoy immensely. With Legendary Brewmaster Randy Gremps at the helm, Third Street Aleworks prides themselves on their strict non-adherence to specific flagship brews, 'west coast' or 'belgian' styles of beer. Randy is best known as a brewer of beers of uncompromising quality and complexity. Tony Magee of Lagunitas' fame said of the now world famous Lagunitas IPA: "I wrote the recipe, but it was directly inspired by the very best brewer in the North Bay, who brewed the most sophisticated and subtle beers in the very tiniest and most compact brewery I'd ever seen: Randy Gremp…" Third Street Ale Works want to brew everything, and they want it to be fun and interesting. After nearly 15 years of people asking where they can get their beers in bottle, 2010 saw their first bottles on shelves. Needless to say, slow and steady just might win the race.

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Red India Pale Ale
Randy Gremp
Santa Rosa
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