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Butterfly Absinthe

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 Butterfly Absinthe

American distilleries were great producers of Absinthe prior to its ban in 1912. Butterfly is a modern re-creation of a classic recipe produced in Boston during the Absinthe heyday. Sweet up front (no need for a sugar cube here), with mint and citrus notes that blend beautifully with the anise notes. A hit of gingery spice really takes this to another level. It's not often an Absinthe truly blows our hair back, today was windy in the tasting room! You won't find this much depth and character in any other Absinthe at this price level.

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Did you know that the birthplace of absinthe isn't France or some former Eastern Block country, but rather good, ol' neutral Switzerland? That was news to some of us too, probably because the French are the ones who helped make it such a famous tipple. White (or "blanche") absinthe is the original spirit which is created before a second coloring step that transforms the spirit into green absinthe. When absinthes were banned in 1910 in Switzerland, farmers and their wives secretly made the spirit at home for friends and family. They made it in the clear style which may have helped them fly under the radar of detection. La Clandestine is hand-crafted in Couvet, Switzerland, with a brand heritage dating back to 1935, first distilled by Charlotte Vaucher. Fast forward to the year 2000, when Claude-Alain Bugnon received the recipe from Charlotte's nephew and began illegally producing the traditional recipe until absinthe was cleared of its bad rap - for the record, wormwood never was and still isn't responsible for causing moral decay and depravity as absinthe critics claimed. At La Clandestine they use locally farmed Grande wormwood, plants and botanicals just as they did back in the day, giving the spirit its tell-tale Swiss savoire faire.

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  • By Born, KANSAS CITY
     Butterfly Absinthe

    A Tasty treat the first sip neat. A sugar packet in the first glass I pour'd, but the second I had no more, so I popped out a cube of Ice Breakers Ice Cubed Spearmint gum, and guess what? It was Yum! 1 Part Absinthe (1 1/4 ounce) 4 parts water 1 cube of spearmint gum For the absinthe drinker on the go!

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