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Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon 2015

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 Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon 2015

The new release of Garrison Brothers' Texas Bourbon marks a slight change in philosophy. Rather than bottling a spring and fall release, the gents are now blending more and creating the most consistent, highest quality bourbon for the flagship in their stable. Rich dark caramel, butterscotch and a hint of coconut seamlessly transfer from nose to palate with a long, dense finish. This is a whiskey to savor, we've found your next great go-to bottle!

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On their first visit to our "tasting lab" at Bounty Hunter Headquarters, the Garrison Brothers completely blew us away with several bottlings of their Texas Bourbon. This house of whiskey, the first legal distillery in Texas, was conceived in late 2001, and finally opened in 2006. Putting his eggs in the whiskey-making basket, Dan Garrison took some time to learn from one of the great distillers in American history, Elmer T. Lee. Mr. Lee's sage words of wisdom helped lay the foundation for these pioneers to blaze their own trail and take the whiskey world by storm. Messrs. Garrison definitely respect the heritage that is Kentucky Bourbon and are set on making a different whiskey, one that is of course unmistakably Texan. Made from all organic raw materials, and using a mash of 74% Panhandle White Corn, 15% Wheat (grown on their ranch in the Texas Hill Country), and 11% Barley they craft Bourbon as only Texans can, bigger and bolder than anything else we have tried! The legendary heat in the Texas summer means the angels get more than their fair share, they lose about 14% per year of aging. This also means that you get whiskeys that drink much older than their age. We'll line up for that anytime. As the brothers say, "some say Texans are a little too proud of their state. This sure isn't going to help the situation."

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charred new White American oak
74% Corn 15% Wheat 11% Barley
Garrison Brothers
Bourbon Whiskey
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