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The Legends of the East Whisky Collection Japan Three-Pack

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 The Legends of the East Whisky Collection Japan Three-Pack

We get more calls for these bottles than any other Japanese whisky. For the connoisseur in your life, or as a holiday gift to yourself, we put together this exemplary offer. Supplies are limited and it is first come, first served. The Japanese have a saying, zen wa isoge, which colloquially means to “strike while the iron is hot”: we suggest you do so on this offer.

This collection includes 3 highly sought after Japanese Whiskies packaged in a Bounty Hunter Gift Box. **Limited Availability**

**Due to the scarcity of this item we must limit to 1 per customer**

Hibiki 12 year Blended Whisky –

We grabbed as much of this as we could given that Suntory is replacing this with the non-age statement expression called “Harmony"! Honeysuckle, tropical fruits and vanilla meld seamlessly with a hint of toasted hazelnuts. This is one easy-drinker, try it on the rocks just like the Japanese do at home!

Hibiki 17 year Blended Whisky –

Aged in various cask types, including those made from the rare Japanese Mizunara oak, Hibiki 17-year shows complex, yet elegant aromas of peach, melon and lemon leaf. On the palate, toffee, black cherry and oak shine bright while the finish is delicate and fruity. This harmonious blend embodies the soul of Japanese craftsmanship that resounds with calm complexity and "Wa" oneness.

Yamazaki 18 year Single Malt Whisky –

This gorgeous 18 year old single malt has an incredibly pure appearance of burnt orange and amber hue. The nose is full-bodied with spicy cherry and toffee-like aromatics which evolves into layers of cigar box and leather. Deep concentrated flavors of sweet maple sap and caramel provide a beautiful segue into a long, decadent finish. Noted spirits journalist F. Paul Pacult 'highly recommended' this whisky and called it 'a delicious treat.' Having tasted this magnificent dram side by side with the Highland's finest, there is no doubt Yamazaki should be taken very seriously.

This is a NET item, no discounts will apply.

Suntory distillery was founded in 1923, but was not well-known here in the United States until 2003 when their whiskies began an unparalleled surge in popularity thanks to the film Lost in Translation. Murray's dead-pan, stoic performance has been revered, but that fictional tale is not the first to feature actors and celebrities from the UK and US endorsing these fine drams. Now the brand is omnipresent, be it the legend that is Yamazaki 18 year old or the subtlety found in Hibiki Harmony, you likely know something about Japanese whisky.

Sofia Coppola likely found inspiration from her famous director father and his series of ads for Suntory extolling the virtues of whisky and friendship with another film legend, Akira Kurosawa. Perhaps seeing Sean Connery go from disheveled to perfectly pressed after a glass of Suntory Crest was the muse for Mr. Murray's performance.

Humorous ads such as the one featuring a cartoon, bobblehead-like Duran Duran singing "The Reflex" might spark your interest. Perhaps a little ad-lib by the incomparable Sammy Davis Jr. would prove Suntory Whisky is of your class. Maybe a glass of Suntory on the rocks drunk to the jazz jams of my man, Ron Carter, on the bass, is your ideal soundtrack for relaxing times.

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