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2013 Barone Fini Merlot Trentino

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 2013 Barone Fini Merlot Trentino


The Barone Fini winery is built on the ruins of a Roman winery in Italy's Trentino zone. This Merlot is all about spicy dried cherries and plums, perfect for a weeknight burger and fries. Shockingly good value!

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Barone Fini is a family wine brand that has spanned six centuries of hard work - by focusing on quality and possessing a certain agility to maneuver the ever-changing wine market, they've persevered. In 1479, they were officially recognized by the Republic of Venice for producing fine wine in Italy's Trentino-Alto Adige region. The Fini family has deep inroads in the area, ensuring that they get the best grapes from vintage to vintage and in fact, only produce D.O.C. level wines (the Italian system for ensuring the highest quality and sense of place). They're even rumored to have made wines for the famed Medici family.

Count Giovanni Bonmartini-Fini is the winemaker and head of this family that has been making wine for over 600 years. Giovanni's late father, Francesco Bonmartini, had a fascinating life. In WWII, at the age of only 18, he was among the liberators of Dachau, and tasked with interviewing survivors. A chemical engineer by trade, his career took him to the US, where he invented the resin used in the Apollo program's heat shields. After his retirement in 1990, he headed back to Italy to revive the family winery, eventually handing the reins over to his son. Sadly, Francesco died in April of 2015 at his home in Delaware at the age of 88.

The estate is guided with a genuine pride for their unique terroir striving to protect it with sustainable practices and a "hands off" winemaking style. Grapes are harvested from 25-year-old vines and fermented in separate lots. The final blends are compiled just before bottling to maximize expressive layers of flavor. Pull up a patio chair and enjoy the setting sun with your new best friend, Barone Fini.

About Barone Fini
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Red Wine
Trentino-Alto Adige
Total Varietal Composition in %:
100% Merlot
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