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2012 Gaja Barbaresco

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Angelo Gaja, now 75, remains the alpha male of Italian winemaking, one of a long line of natural-born leaders and entrepreneurs. Today his winery is arguably the most prestigious wine brand in Italy. His Barbaresco is so iconic, in part, because of his father’s efforts to stockpile prime vineyard land in the village after WWII. His 2012 Barbaresco is comprised of all of his important single-vineyard wines; dried cherry and raspberry perfume with undercurrents of balsam and tobacco.

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It is nearly impossible to overstate the influence of Angelo Gaja (guy-yuh) on Italian wine and its lofty reputation among connoisseurs. An icon of worldwide fame, he is almost solely responsible for bringing numerous innovations to Italy in both the production and business ends of the spectrum. Gaja brought a level of drive and ambition more typical of a corporate raider to a relatively low-key business when he assumed control of his family’s estate in Piedmont. Through his vision, intensity and unwavering standards, he has literally changed the rules of the game in the birthplace of the modern wine industry. After the changes he had implemented took effect in Barolo and Barbaresco, the wine world took notice in a big way. Wine Spectator observed “In a little bit less than two decades, (Gaja) has done what hasn't been done for a thousand years.” Robert Parker has gone so far as to call him “a genius for sure”. The name Gaja on a label has become a kind of badge of honor for a wine bottle signifying rarity, pedigree and certainty. Never one to admire his success and relax, Angelo then set his sites on Tuscany. His prescience was once again proven dead right in the coastal region of Maremma, and a once-neglected swampland has become one of Italy’s most promising regions for “international” (non-native) varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. He then went on to tackle Montalcino, producing Brunello on par with the region’s legends. It’s an uncanny track record that speaks volumes about his legacy. Wherever Midas lands next, we’ll be there, glass in hand.

About Gaja
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Red Wine
Angelo Gaja
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100% Nebbiolo

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